DeWalt 18V DC970 Review

Posted in 18 Volt Cordless Drills, Reviews by - February 16, 2013
DeWalt 18V DC970 Review
Product Info
Price: $299.00
Power: 18V

Cordless power drills are a must these days since they allow a tremendous amount of convenience. When picking out a cordless power drill you need to pick the one that best suits your needs. While there are plenty of cordless drills on the market designed for hobbyist craftsmen or people who just need to get things done around the house there aren’t quite as many drills that are designed for the craftsman who needs a good drill both at home and while on the job. The DeWalt 18V DC970 fills those needs perfectly.

A Great Workhorse

The DeWalt 18V is a workhorse in terms of capability. It can drive screws all day and won’t show any signs of letting up. This means that it can stand up to continuous use without showing any wear and tear. For a little added convenience, an LED has been added to the front of the drill as well. On top of that the 18V is a dream to handle, weighing in at a little over five pounds and has a grip that is pretty comfortable, especially if you’re going to be using it all day. This workhorse also has a fairly good battery life, meaning that continuous use either at work or at home is possible with battery changes few and far between.

Style Over Substance

As for negatives, one of the biggest problems that this drill faces is the fact that the base has been altered in designs from previously models, apparently in an effort to be more aesthetically pleasing. The problem this brings about is that there is no more room for a screw drive or short nutsetters. The 18V’s price tag may be a turn off for some of the more casual buyers, but for the professional craftsman the price can be considered an investment, especially given the durability.

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